Brain Cancer Canada is a national charity that funds research, technology, and treatment for primary malignant brain tumours, pediatric and adult.

Our Mission

  • ACCELERATE advancements in science, including basic, translational, and clinical research;
  • ADVOCATE for patient access to drugs, multiple forms of treatment, and the availability of neurosurgical technologies and care in the patient’s community;
  • TRANSFORM the power in community to change the experience of brain cancer patients and their caregivers.

New Site Launch September 2024

Brain Cancer Canada’s website is currently under improvement so that we can bring patients, caregivers, the research community, and our donors and sponsors updated and meaningful information.

The following links will remain active while under construction:

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Stay Connected

While the website is in the works, please know that you can still reach us by sending an email to or by following us on IG, FB, X, and LI.

For questions about our request for proposals, please reach out to the Scientific Advisory Committee:

Please check back with us again or connect through one of the links above.

Thank you for your support and trust,
Brain Cancer Canada