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Brain Cancer Canada Awards
St. Michael’s Hospital
$100,000 Grant for Advanced
DNA Sequencer Technology

The funds will facilitate the acquisition of a top-of-the-line, next-generation DNA sequencer, technology that will allow St. Michael’s to develop and test innovative new treatment protocols for the toughest forms of brain cancer.

The sequencer will be part of a new in-house clinical genetics testing facility at St. Michael’s Hospital. The facility will allow doctors to analyze tumours more quickly and precisely, and to design individualized treatments for patients.

“This technology will enable us to decode the genetic information within tumour cells, granting us profound insights into their characteristics and behaviour,” said Dr. Sunit Das, a neuro-oncologist at St. Michael’s and head of the AYA Brain Tumour Consortium. “It will empower us to customize treatments to individual patients, which is a major step towards improved patient outcomes.”

For Brain Cancer Canada, this gift to St. Michael’s brain cancer program is a central element of a push to increase treatment options for brain cancer patients. Malignant brain tumours are one of the deadliest forms of cancer, with a survival prognosis of 15-18 months.

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