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Brain Cancer Canada Awards
CAD 50,000 grant for innovative
research to Improve Brain Cancer
Diagnosis and Treatment

Brain Cancer Canada is pleased to announce a $50,000 grant to support research on more effective diagnosis and treatment for adult brain cancer patients.
The grant will fund an innovative project by Dr. Maria MacDonald of the London Health Sciences Centre and Drs. Julie Bennett and Cynthia Hawkins of the Hospital for Sick Children. Drs MacDonald, Bennett and Hawkins are working to identify the proportion of adults with brain tumours with a genetic profile typically seen in children.

They will use pathological, clinical and imaging characteristics to identify specific groups of patients where testing for these alterations would be of high yield. Accurately identifying these patients would allow doctors to design targeted and less toxic treatments for patients.

Dr. Bennett believes this research could challenge the current standard of care to inform a publicly funded, novel, age-stratified, cost-effective guideline for molecular testing. “This will improve the diagnostic accuracy and treatment for adults with pediatric-type glioma,” said Dr. MacDonald.

Primary malignant brain tumours affect about 3,000 Canadians each year, with few effective treatment options. Glioblastoma is the most common brain tumour in adults, and is very aggressive with a life expectancy prognosis of 15 months.

For Brain Cancer Canada, a leading charity supporting brain cancer research and patient advocacy, this research project is an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of patients. “We are thrilled to support this groundbreaking research project,” said Angela Scalisi, Chair of Brain Cancer Canada. “With the generous donations of our corporate and individual donors, we can drive change and help improve the lives of those battling brain cancer.”

Brain Cancer Canada board director Marc Peeters highlighted the need for innovation in fighting brain cancer. “Brain cancer is an extremely complex disease that to this day has virtually no effective treatments,” he said. “To change this terrible situation, we have to take calculated risks and seed innovative approaches. This research project is a shining example of such innovation, and we look forward to seeing what Drs MacDonald, Bennett and Hawkins discover.”

Brain Cancer Canada is committed to raising public awareness and support for innovative research on one of the deadliest forms of cancer. The organization encourages patients, practitioners, caregivers, and corporate and private donors to join them in their efforts to advance brain cancer research and provide better patient treatment options.

Major contributors include Scotia Wealth Management, AutoOne Group Limited, Highlight Motor Group, Pal Insurance, and Saporito Foods.

About Brain Cancer Canada: Brain Cancer Canada is a leading charity supporting brain cancer research, patient advocacy, and raising public awareness of this devastating disease. With the help of corporate and individual supporters, Brain Cancer Canada is committed to funding innovative research projects, improving treatment options for patients, and ultimately finding a cure for brain cancer.

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